Grabbit Goes Open Source


Grabbit Semantic Recommendation Engine Software Goes Open Source

Driven by Overwhelming Interest Grabbit Decides to Release the Platform to the Open-Source Communities.

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA – June 10, 2013– Grabbit, the developer of a new suite of cloud-hosted recommendation engine for news, people, and products is pleased to announce the release of the softw porno gay are to Github, a popular developer community.

"We feel developers have no ceiling with what they can do with the software," announced Lisa Padilla. "We chose Github as our initial location for the software." Padilla is also CEO of, a digital marketing agency in Silicon Valley. "The trend," she says "is really in unleashing the creativity. So many of our client battles center around convincing them that open and being giving with what your company has to offer freely is model we see work over and over again."

The recently announced partnership with Cognition’s revolutionary Semantic Natural Language Processing technology and Grabbit’s patent-pending system for making online recommendations of products, content, and people is a great head start. "We spent nearly two years on the product and have now determined a more streamlined way hot lesbian porn to build out a piece of the software ourselves. We want to share the whole code base with the developers and see what they come up with. We think they'll have a lot of fun with what's been built to date," said Lisa Padilla, CMO.

About Grabbit, Inc.

The patent-pending Grabbit™ platform enables social media and other content publishers to easily leverage semantic technology to improve the user experience of their sites, while also providing a significant new revenue opportunity. Grabbit’s modular, cloud-hosted platform has created a new standard for online information distribution and consumption, and offers a new type of relationship with people, content, and the products, services, and brands they want, leveraging the power of “word of mouth” and semantic matching. Grabbit runs on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android), the web, and TV (via Wii, Xbox, and PS3 gaming consoles) allowing users people to view, send/receive, publish/subscribe, and manage ongoing real-time updates and alerts across a wide range of social networks, information, media, and commerce.

About Cognition:

Cognition Technologies, based in Los Angeles, has developed a revolutionary Semantic Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology which adds word and phrase meaning and “understanding” to computer applications, enabling them to be more human-like in their processing of information. Cognition’s Semantic Map, the underlying technology developed over the past 24 years, is the largest and most extensive in existence. Applications and technologies which utilize Cognition’s Semantic NLP™ technology are positioned to take full advantage of Web 3.0 (the Semantic Web).

For further information contact: Lisa Padilla, CMO hot milfs of Grabbit at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (415) 637-9456


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