Peter Karnig, Co-Founder and CEO

Peter has a rich background in publishing, web and interactive media, advertising, and software development. Peter was previously a co-founder and Vice President Sales & Business Development of Five Across, which was purchased by Cisco in 2007. He founded the company with Glenn Reid (a colleague from NeXT Computer) to develop and bring to market a next generation network application platform. Prior to that Peter was CEO and co-founder of Danilo Black, a leading media design consultancy featuring the work of the world-famous art director and designer, Roger Black. He also served as vice president of sales and marketing at the interactive advertising agency,, and the Interactive Bureau where he participated in developing some of the most influential media properties on the internet. Peter may be reached at peter at grabbit dot net.

Lisa Padilla, Chief Marketing Officer

Lisa is our newest team member and has been helping businesses such as Levis, Microsoft, Taco Bell, Clorox, Apple, McDonalds, Netgear, Hewlett-Packard, AOL, and many others reach consumer customers and partners with effective marketing campaigns for over 15 years. She has led product launches and corporate marketing for companies in technology, financial services, entertainment, travel, sports, news, gaming and other industries. Lisa’s strategic and hands-on experience offers specialization in advertising, search marketing, new media, micromedia and channel and affiliate marketing. Lisa blogs regularly and hosts and produces "Lisacast", a podcast and vlog about media and technology. Lisa may be reached lisa at grabbit dot net.

Lee Buether, Chief Financial Officer

Lee, a CPA, has an extensive experience in accounting and financial management in various industries ranging from manufacturing to financial services. Lee has started and run her own companies and has managed the financial operations of other companies, large and small, in a variety of capacities, including Controller, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer. Lee is responsible for all financial activities, including accounting, financial planning and reporting, treasury, cash management, bank relations, tax and insurance management. Lee may be reached by lee at grabbit dot net.

Board of Directors

Peter Karnig, Co-Founder and CEO

Lisa Padilla, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Fred Davis, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Glenn Reid, Director

Glenn Reid spent 20 years developing software in graphics and publishing, consumer photo and video, and communications. He has built many successful products from scratch, some single-handed, most with the help of excellent small teams. Apple's iMovie and iPhoto are the most visible examples. In addition to joing Grabbit's Board in July of 2009, he has started an entity called Inventor Labs, a place for prototyping, patenting, and bringing to market ingenious inventions in many different areas including green power, child safety, construction, transportation, and anything else that makes sense.

At Apple, Glenn helped developed the revolutionary iMovie application for Apple, kicking off a new software division and a whole new category of "digital hub" applications. He also led the iPhoto development effort and grew both teams into world-class organizations. Glenn spent time at the Advanced Technology Group at Adobe, and brings software, UI and next-generation edge experience to Grabbit. As CEO and founder of Five Across in 2003 he created compelling network software, innovative peer-to-peer file sharing and messaging, blogging, and social networking software. Five Across was acquired by Cisco in February of 2007.

Advisory Board

Alex Craig, Advisor

Jeff Robbins, Advisor

Jeff Robbins is co-founder and CEO of Lullabot. Jeff started one of the world's first web development companies in 1993 and has developed sites for Ringo Starr, MTV, and New York's Museum of Modern Art. Additionally, Jeff spent most of the 1990's fronting the band Orbit, toured with the Lollapalooza festival, and penned a top-10 modern rock single. Jeff hosts Lullabot's popular Drupal podcast and has garnered a certain amount of recognition within the community. Additionally, he has contributed many widely-used Drupal modules and themes.

Roger Black, porno gay Advisor

In his own words, Roger Black has long been involved in the design of content-based media (as distinguished from entertainment or advertising). He has lead redesigns at Newsweek, Esquire, FastCompany, Smart Money, Rove, and even the Reader’s Digest. Some still bear evidence of that effort. Others have moved on. As Lloyd Ziff once put it, “a design is like the sifting sands of the Sahara.” He was able to work on early, important web sites, like,, and @Home and has designed or redesigned newspapers and magazines. (The one that makes our marketing manager drool is Rolling Stone.) We are proud to have Roger on our advisory board. More about him at Roger can be reached at roger at rogerblack dot com.

Robert Scoble, Advisor

A self-proclaimed geek who milf porn grew up in Silicon Valley and loves talking technology at Also the troublemaker @ for Rackspace. Robert brings a broad knowledge of the software experience and sits as a reality check for Grabbit as the service grows to meet the needs of users. Robert lives online and frequently lifecasts events.

John Furrier

Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of SiliconAngle, John Furrier is focused on developing social web, social media, and online advertising products for corporations & advertisers in the Web 2.0 area. He has successfully led the execution of business teams around the combination of business developement and product marketing with an emphasis of monetization.

Tom Foremski

Tom arrived in San Francisco in 1984, and has covered US technology markets for leading computer journals around the world. In May 2004, Tom Foremski became the first journalist to leave a major newspaper, the Financial Times, to make a living as a full-time journalist blogger. He writes the popular news blog Silicon Valley Watcher -- reporting on the hot milfs business and culture of Silicon Valley at the intersection of media and technology.

George Arabian

George Arabian has served business development and distribution leadership roles defining strategies for NetObjects (IPO 1999), America Online (AOL), before that he directed business development at Medior, a successful media agency targeting Fortune 500 companies. Arabian also completed IPOs for Orchid Technology and Proxim. He supports Grabbit's distribution to media and publishing outlets, the educational market and strategic partnerships. He serves nude celebs as Managing Director at Golden Gate Business Group. George may be reached at george at georgearabian dot com.

Jeff Miller

Jeff founded Miller Communications Group after building a successful career in Life Sciences and Information Technology where he is a recognized strategic thinker and media expert. As traditional media has shifted to digital media platforms, Miller has stayed ahead of this shift helping clients better understand and adapt to a more complex and dynamic ecosystem of marketer, customer, agency and media company where consumers demand to have more control and choice. Jeff may be reached at jeff at millercommgroup dot com.

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